06 May, 2008

Tsutsuji,,, Rhododendron?

When I wrote about Tsutusuji of Nezu Shrine in previous posting last year, I described that this flower's English name was "azalea". But, according to the wikipedia, it was an inaccurate description. It says there are two stream of this flower. One is deciduous and called azalea, meanwhile another is evergreen and called rhododendron.
What I wrote was evergreen, so rhododendron was correct???
In addition to that, it says the deciduous one is the group of Tsutsuji and the evergreen one is the group of Shakunage... Whoa! Wait a minute. The flower what I uploaded hear and posted last year are/were evergreen and we call them Tsutsuji.
Anyway, my dictionary says that the English name of Tsutsuji is "azalea" and "rhododendron" is Shakunage.
Azalea? Rhododendron? Which is correct?
Could anybody explain it?

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Blogger Sandy Eggi said...

lee seems like the flowers ...

8/5/08 08:20  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Hi, Sandy! Thank you for coming.
Did you enjoy the golden week?

8/5/08 21:00  
Blogger thinmintmommy said...

Where I grew up in USA Azaleas look very much like the azaleas here. It's what I love so much about being in Tokyo. The azaleas, camelias, cherry blossoms all remind me so much of NC where I am from. The Rrododendron has a very different leaf from the Azalea as I recall.

Either way it goes, the Azalea here is exactly the same as Azaleas we grew in our gardens and parks in NC and somewhat less profusely in TX. The climate in NC/Tokyo is very much suited for Azaleas.

Since moving to Tokyo and buying my new Canon I have become a bloom lover in Japan. I take photos of all blooms and trees. The pruned trees here remind me of sculptures. I love them.

I am thinking of going to the Asagao festival. Is it always on the 6th, 7th and 8th?

27/6/08 17:01  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Thank you for your interesting and helpful comment. I learned what we call tsutsuji is not Rhododendron. It's Azalea. And also, I learned about the climate of North Carolina. I recheck the location of NC. Thank you!

BTW, I hear that the Asagao festival will held on 18th,19th,20th July in this year. As you said, it has always been on 6th-8th. But this year, because of the summit held at Hokkaido on 7th-9th, they staggered the term of the Asagao-ichi. Most of the policemen in Tokyo are supposed to move to Hokkaido at this time(?!).

29/6/08 21:51  

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