02 February, 2008

The Koishikawa Korakuen Garden/ Korakuen, Bunkyo ward

Last Friday, I had a day off to have an annual medical check-up. The check-up was finished earlyer than I expected. It was a clear sunny day. I found there were no clouds in the sky when I left the clinic. I realized there was a famous garden near the clinic, and its a good chance to enjoy walking. So I dashed back home, grabbed my camera and hurryed back to the garden where I had wanted to enter for a long time (previouse post regarding this garden is here).
The Korakuen garden. When most of the Japanese hear this place-name Korakuen, it might reminds them (including me) the Korakuen amusement park or the baseball park. But originally, this place-name was named after the Korakuen garden. In edo era, this place was the garden of the mantion owened by the important and influential Daimyo (feudal loard), Mito-Tokugawa family.

As soon as you enter the garden, you will see the big dome roof of the baseball park and the building of Bunkyo City Hall. Its a bit disappointed view, but you'll forget those soon.

Engetsukyo bridge.

This stone bridge has been there since this garden's opening (17 centuries).

Shiraitonotaki falls.

There is a big pond in the center of the garden. I heard that, in edo era, the owner and his guest had enjoyed boating on this pond

Unlike the other Japanese garden in Tokyo, e.g. Rikugien (please see the previous post), Koishikawa Korakuen has some artificial hills.

The picture below is the ruin of Saigyo-dou. Unfortunatery, some of wooden architecture were lost in fire during the World war II.

This is a Saigyo-dou photo taken 70 years ago.

Gardian dog still has been guarding the site.

Although the garden is located in the center of Tokyo, I could find some Kosagi (Egretta garzetta) came flying.

I fully enjoyed a peaceful afternoon.

The closest station of this garden is Korakuen station(Tokyo Metro Marunouchi-line, Nanboku-line).

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