24 November, 2007

Mt. Fuji in the dusk / the view from Nihonbashi

This is the twilight view from our office. There were no clouds between Mt. Fuji and Nihonbashi (around 100km).

It's a typical winter weather of Kanto-area. High atmospheric pressure overlies the Pacific side of Japanese archiperago. We can enjoy crisp air during winter season.

According to the picture of Edo era, Mt. Fuji could be seen clearly from Nihonbashi. (click to the Ukiyoe of Nihonbashi 1, 2) Now a day, it can barely be seen between skyscrapers from the top of tall building.

This is a morning view of Mt. Fuji from the same position.

It's a little bid blurred. Can you see the snow-covered top of Mt. Fuji behind the white building? I think you could see it more clearly if you would click the photo to enlarge it.
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