19 November, 2007

Autumn decoration

This is an autumn decoration displayed in our office building featuring Susuki, Japanese silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis).

Whenever I see Susuki even it is fake, I remember my childhood. There were huge vacant lot with bushes of Susuki behind my house (there were lots of vacant places anywhere at that time). That was our favorite play ground. Susuki bushes were taller than children, and we played "exploration force", played tag, hide-and-seek or just walked around alone there. After school, my friends and I ran around there until dusk.

When I told my daughter this my story, her response was "How dangerous!". She said I was very lucky I wasn't involved in any crime. "Didn't you think like some 'strange guy' hid in the bushes, dad?" Yeah, I think I was lucky I spent my childhood four decades ago. Giving you the opportunities that you can play around safely is our priority issue.


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