29 May, 2007

Reunion @ Chinatown (2) / Yokohama

(Continued from previous posting)
Let me show you other photos I took at Yokohama Chinatown.

Kantei byou(in mandarin: Guan Di Miao) is located in the center of the Chinatown. This temple enshrines the historical hero Kan-u(Guan Yu). As my friend Kazu mentioned in his comment on the previous posting, you can see Kantei byou temple in most of the Chinatown all around the world.

Kan-u was a real warload of ancient China who was active in the end of 2 centuries ~ the beginning of 3rd centuries. And also, he is a very popular character in the historical novel Sangoku-shi (Sanguozhi Yanyi / Three Kingdom Saga).

Here is a question; why is the famous warrior Kan-u enshrined by Chinatown people although most of them are not military personnels but restaurant owners or merchants? Why do they pray to a warrior?
They say there are several reasons.
At1st, Kan-u has been a very attractive and popular hero. Chinese people(and other people who have read Sangoku-shi; including me) love Kan-u. That is why they have enshrined him.
2ndary, Kan-u has been credited with a person of honor who had a loyal heart. I heard that ancient Chinese people thought it was the most important part in their business, then, Kan-u became a god of business.
Does it make sense?

Can you see his face? I heard that his red face means loyal.

He had a long and beautiful whisker and was called Bizen-kou (Mei ran gong / Sir Handsome Whisker(?). Sorry for my awful translation. I would appreciate it, if anybody could tell me an appropriate English name. )

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