22 December, 2006

Fallen leaves / Nezu shrine

The season of the ginkgo leaves has almost finished. The leaves that entertained us have started to fallen. Last Sunday morning, Lee and Shige visited the Nezu shrine to enjoy the last yellowed ginkgos.

Last time we visit there, we came into the big festival of 300 anniversary (the festival's report is here), so the shrine yard was filled with so many people. Last Sunday, there was filled with calm and peaseful atomosphere.

Sniff shiff. Lee was cheking th sweeped and collected "momiji (maple)" leaves. Right after Shige shot this photo, Lee jumped into this "bed".

The history of this shrine had started around 1900 years ago (really?!). The original shrine had been established at Sendagi. In the reign of Tokugawa, the shrine had become bigger and bigger under the aegis of the Shogun family. Then, 300 years ago, the 5th Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi had removed and rebuilt in the present place. The 6th Shogun Tokugawa Ienobu held the gorgeous festival in 1706. You can check the sketch of the 1706 parade in previous post. The festival we saw last Sepetemver was the 300 aniversary of it.

In the shrine yard there are many beautiful national important cultural assets, including the main building and the gates.

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