23 September, 2006

The Nezu shrine, the 300 anniversary / Sendagi Bunkyo-ward

Shige & Lee went to Nezu on last weekend. The night before the day, Shige had found a web article which said the Nezu shrine was very quiet and peaceful place with full of green.

It was not so long walking. Around 30 min or so. When they reached to the shrine, around 8:40 AM, there was a lot of people...a lot of people? Although it was early morning, the shrine yard was packed with the people who wore the ancient costume, professional cameramen who armed with 2cameras+big camera bag+folding stepladder, and a bunch of spectators.
(please click to enlarge photos)

That was the celebration day of the 300 anniversary of the Nezu shrine.

They are preparing the parade. Can you see the beautiful Mikoshi, the gestatorial chair of god, behind the people?

They said these gorgeous gigantic Mikoshis were given to the shrine by Shogun in Edo-era.

A gentleman kindly took a photo of Shige and Lee. Thank you, daddy-o!

Chief priest perform a brief ceremony for starting the parade.

The parade is starting!

The Mikoshis are about to depart.

The float of Sarutahiko, powerful guardian deity, get out the shrine gate.

The Mikoshis are following the Sarutahiko float. Wow, there was extremely crowded!

Run! Let's go the quick route to catch a head of the parade!

Marching in the street.
Can you see the figure of Sarutahiko was moving ?
He was turning his body and waving his arm automatically. They call it "Karakuri-ningyou", Japanese old-time robot.

Shige found the drawing of the parade that held in Edo-era.

Shige visited the shrine again with Sis. Unfortunately, the weather was getting worse in the evening, but Sis seemed to enjoy the Omatsuri very much.

The dance performance was dedicated to god of the shrine. Have you seen these girls in anywhere? Yep, they were riding in the rikisha in the 11th photo which taken in the morning.

It was dark and raining, so I had to stay home again. Humph! (Lee)

Nezu Shrine: Closest station is Nezu of the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda-line.

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