09 March, 2008

Ume (prunus mume) 2 / YushimaTenjin, two weeks after

On March 2nd, The ume flowers in Yushima Tenjin were full bloomed.
It was only 9:00 am, a bit early for sightseeing, however there were many Ume-watcher in the shrine yard.
Most of ume of this shrine were Hakubai (white Ume), which were full bloomed.
....and there were some Koubai (red Ume), too.

The pile of Ema was growing larger than 2 weeks before.
The students who had succeeded their entrance exam were hanging "Thank you-Ema".
You can find there are several piles of Ema all around the shrine yard.

As I mentioned in previous post, this place is recognized as a mecca for examinees.

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