07 February, 2008

Snow day

When I woke up last Sunday morning, I found the heavy snow was falling thick and fast outside. Weather reporter said it would be a record snowfall in Tokyo.

I wore my ski jacket & cap, put Lee on a raincoat, then brought out him to the snow covered land.

Generally, dogs are said that they like snow. In the lyrics of a Japanese famous nursery rhyme about snowfall says "a dog is excited and dashing around the yard, while a cat crawls into Kotatsu* ". But, Lee did not seem to enjoy the snowfall so much.

Lee, you dogs love snowfall, don't you?
"No, I'm NOT that kinda guy."

"I hate the feeling the snow is melting on my head."

"Are you satisfied, Shige? OK, let's get home."

The snowfall had continued all day long.

My daughter had a Kanji Kentei (Kan-ken: Chinese character proficiency test) at Ochanomizu University in the afternoon, and I went there with her. It was the first time for me to walk in this campus since it was a women's university. However, I could not walk around the campus because of the heavy snow. I was just reading and waiting in another room while she was struggling with her exam. So, regrettably, I cannot describe the image or atmosphere of this university. The only photo I could take is the below one.

How was the exam?"
"Not so bad."

The result of the exam will be send to her next month.

* Kotatsu: A heater-installed low table covered with blanket. It could be a dangerous item for you. Once you were trapped into it, you could not get out easily :)



Blogger Sandy Eggi said...

I like snow and I like cat :D

I'm also struggling learning kanji ...

it's difficult...

22/2/08 09:28  
Anonymous kazu said...

If the dog's origin is wolf, they should enjoy snow. If Lee did not enjoy the snow, he does not have the wolf blood???

22/2/08 22:56  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Hi Sandy, Thank you for coming. I'm glad to see you again.
Yeah, I can imagine that learning Kanji is very tough for foreign learner. Kanij is a kind of hieroglyph, and most of languages in the world don't use such a kind of letter. But, I kind of think, some people who are good at computer programing, like you, might become a master of Kanji, 'cause both of them(program and Kanji) are complex of a part expressing its meaning. I think you can analyze and use Kanji logicaly...Wild view a bit?

25/2/08 21:30  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Hi Kazu! How have you been?
Lee has a DNA of wild wolf? No way! He seems to recognize himself as a human being who loves a pool of sunlight and a hug. (LOL)

25/2/08 21:32  

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