20 March, 2008

Ume (prunus mume) 3 / Ushi-Tenjin

Yushima Tenjin, which was introduced previous posting (1),(2), is well known nation wide and always crowded with examinees, meanwhile, there are many quiet small local tenjin-sama allover Japan.

Ushi Tenjin, which have been cherished by Koishikawa neighbors for a long time, is one of them. Lee and I went to there to see Ume on March 1st.

In here, Koubai (red Ume) dominated rather than Hakubai (white Ume).

Gardian animal, Komainu.

I've never seen such a fantastic Komainu. It(she?) was in the middle of breast feeding! I didn't know that Komainu has gender difference. This feeding Komainu stood right side of the gate.

So then the left side one was the father?
The closest station is Korakuen(Marunouchi line and Nanboku line, Tokyo Metro), but it takes about 10 min. on foot from station. You can find the map from Ushi Tenjin's web site.

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Blogger Tom said...

Good evening, You, the friend of the lovely dog Lee.
I am japanese learner and big fan of bonsai.
I found the way to Your blog because I searched for some photos of Prunus mume Koubai.
And I´ve even found a living man :-), not just simple photo.
I have a question. But I´ll give it in the second mail, it will be the answer on Your answer. I looking forward.
Thank You.
Have a nice day.

10/1/09 05:49  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Hi, Tom! Thank you for coming. Welcome to my blog. Are you from Europe? I was amazed to learn that there are bonsai fans outside Japan.
Anyway, can you tell me your question?

11/1/09 03:15  
Blogger Tom said...

Hi, Shige.
I am from Czech Republic, in the middle of Europe. I love some japanese species, like P.mume (ume), P.serrulata (sakura), kaede, momiji... unfortunately, they are so far. I´ve collected some and have them in my garden, especially momiji cultivars (Deshoyo, Sango Kaku, Mikawa Yatsubusa, Arakawa, Kashima etc).
When I found You here, I thought about some friend in Japan... it´s such a indirect question :-).
Can we communicate via emails?
Kind greetings from historical town of Tábor (Tabor), Czech Republic.

11/1/09 06:09  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Sure! I'll mail you.

12/1/09 13:08  

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