20 August, 2009

Running / Interim report

Let me report the progress situation of the regular exercise plan what I posted on 5th Aug.

I achieved the first goal on the day-5, 2.8km non-stop running. Time was 14min+10sec. Not so bad for a novice runner, wasn’t it? As a next step, I decided to increase the distance. Now I’m examining courses.

As I started running, I realized that there were not a few runners on the road even though it was a hot & muggy summer night. Finding person with same interests is fun… when they were running another direction. But if you found them running before you, they would become your competitors and you couldn’t help but urge to go past them. I think it is a natural instinct of runner.

By the way, on the 5th Aug. posting, I told that I’ll take photos on the way running and show you on this blog. but I realized that there was no room for doing anything except for running. Wait a moment until I get some endurance.


(Lee, in his 10 months)



Blogger ローラ said...

Glad to see you back posting! :)

I've been exercising too, but I cannot run for long periods of time! I like walking, for now. ^__^;;

Lee looks SO cute! He's 10 months old? He looks like he has a very unique personality. ;)


21/8/09 04:21  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Hi, ローラさん!

Thank you for coming. Nice to see you again.

I love walking, too.

Oh, I attached a picture taken 6 years ago. Sorry, it’s confusing. He is 7 years old now, but has not changed a bit. He’s still been a spoiled and huggy kid (^^).

21/8/09 23:06  
Blogger sivaluk_htn said...

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7/9/09 19:25  

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