08 March, 2009

Ume and Komagome Ogannon / Kogenji-temple, Bunkyo-ward

Let me introduce some last month’s photos.

There are a lot of old temples around Yanaka-Sendagi-Nezu area (YANESEN area). I found Ume flowers were blooming in the yard of Kogenji-temple in mid-Feburuary.

Kougenji-temple was opened in Kanda area in the end of 16 centuries, then moved to YANESEN area in 1648. This temple has been famous for the big statue of “Ju-ichi men Kan-non (goddess of Kan-non with 11 faces)”, which was made in 1697. This Kan-non statue was called “Komagome Ogannon”, and became one of the sightseeing spot of Tokyo. Below is the picture of the statue appeared in the guidebook “Edo meisho zue” published in Edo-era.

Unfortunately, that statue was burned out in the fire of the Tokyo Air Raids 1945. In 1993, they rebuild the statue.

I heard that the Hozuki festival would be held at the yard in July. I’d like to visit there at that festival and post the photos on this blog.

The closest station is Hon-Komagome of the Nanboku-line (Tokyo Metro). It takes about 5min on foot.

--revised on March 9th.--
Speaking of the Tokyo Air Raids, tomorrow, March 10th is the 64th anniversary of the Great Tokyo Air Raids. The serial bombing burned out not only the historical things like Komagome Ogannon, but also tremendous numbers of Tokyo citizens. Tonight, I would like to pray for the victims of the raids and for all victims of all of the war and the terrorism which occurred /have been occurring all over the world.
Peace for all of the people who live in the earth.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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