27 June, 2009

Sorry for my long absence / Status report

Hi, guys.
I am sorry for my long absence.
Actually, I could not have touched this blog.

To tell the truth, the very important man in my life passed away last month.
The hectic days have gone, and I came back to my daily life already, but,,, something sinking feeling has been lurking in my mind.

I will be back. Please wait a moment.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand you are lonely.
However, because you have the precious family, it can be got over.


20/7/09 10:39  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Oh, Thank you very much for your cordial message. I am grateful for your kindness. And thank you for the youtube link. That lyrics and melody were very touching for me. Now I think I was very lucky that I could be with him and holding his hands in his last few days.

Yes, I'm OK. I'll be back soon. Thank you.

21/7/09 22:22  

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