17 March, 2009

A little bit too early for Sakura / Asukayama Park, Oji, Kita ward

The season of Ume flowers was over. Broadcasters say its about 2 weeks earlier than usual. But its still a little bit too early for Sakura. On first weekend of March, Lee and I went to Asukayama Park to check how the Sakura trees were.

There was a very quiet and calm atmosphere around the park.

In the end of this month, the park will be crowded with a lot of people.

Oh! the early riser was there.
I coudn't identify the species (because there was no name plate (LOL)). Presumably it would be "kawazu-zakura" or something,,, sory I'm not sure.

Most of the Sakura have been sleeping in the buds as yet.

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Agency, this year’s Sakura will start to bloom around 21 March, then full-bloomed around 30 March. I'm looking forward to seeing full-bloomed Sakura at Asukayama.

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