08 August, 2009

Nikolai-do (Holly Resurrection Cathedral) in the daylight / Ochanomizu, Chiyoda ward

Saturday morning of Ochanomizu Surugadai area was very quiet. Lee and I were walking along the alley between the college buildings. It was 7:30 AM and few people there.

We had walked for around 80 minutes, and he was a bit getting tired.

Here we are!

The contrast of the green copper roof and white wall is beautiful. When the cathedral was built on this hill top, there were no buildings around the church and it became the landmark of this area.

You can find the description regarding the Easter Mass held at this church in Meiji ara, in the famous novel "Sorekara" written by Natsume Soseki.

The board says:
  • This cathedral's completion of the construction was Feb. 1891.
  • This cathedral was listed as the important culturel asset.
  • This is the biggest Byzantine architecture in Japan.
  • This cathedral's building designer was prof. Shchurupov of Russia Institute of Technology, and the construction director was Josiah Conder.

... Several years ago, I have posted some photos of architectures built by Josiah Conder. Please check them later (Furukawa park), (Mitsui club).

As I wrote in the last posting, there was a Russian language institute in the church yard. It was the pioneer in Russian language education in Japan and boasted over 100 years history, however, they ended the history 10 years ago. I heard that the building used for the language institute still remains even now.... sorry I'm not sure which building was that.

Let's get back home before getting hot!

The closest station of this cathedral is Ochanomizu (JR Chuo-line / Tokyo Metro Marunouchi-line) or Shin-Ochanomizu (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda-line).

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