31 March, 2009

Sorry, no photo today.

In the last posting, I wrote I would post Sakura photos of Asukayama park in the weekend. But, regrettably, I couldn't go there last weekend because I had to do some errands. It takes about an hour on foot (Lee's tiny foot) from my house to there, so I had to forgo it. I am sorry if you were expecting the Sakura photos in Asukayama park.
According to the "Sakura report" on the web, Asukayama park's Sakura has not reached full bloom yet. They say "around 50%-blooming" now.

I assume this weekend will be the best timing for OHANAMI (cherry blossom vewing) at Asukayama Park.
Of course, I'm going to go with Lee.

23 March, 2009

Yamazakura is in full bloom / Asukayama Park, Oji, Kita ward

Saturday morning (20th. March), Lee and I went to Asukayama Park and found that Yamazakura was in full bloom.

Yamazakura is known as the early riser. As you can see, the color of petals is bright-white, and red colored young leaves appeared simultaneously, in contrast to the ordinary Sakura (Somei Yoshino), which has pink petals and no leaves when it blooms.

On Saturday morning, except for Yamazakura, Sakura (Somei Yoshino) trees had not bloomed yet.
But the blossom buds seemed to be prepared to bloom.

I couldn't go there to watch them this morning but I suppose they have started to blossom today. I'm looking forward to taking the full-bloomed Sakura photos and post them on this blog next weekend.

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17 March, 2009

A little bit too early for Sakura / Asukayama Park, Oji, Kita ward

The season of Ume flowers was over. Broadcasters say its about 2 weeks earlier than usual. But its still a little bit too early for Sakura. On first weekend of March, Lee and I went to Asukayama Park to check how the Sakura trees were.

There was a very quiet and calm atmosphere around the park.

In the end of this month, the park will be crowded with a lot of people.

Oh! the early riser was there.
I coudn't identify the species (because there was no name plate (LOL)). Presumably it would be "kawazu-zakura" or something,,, sory I'm not sure.

Most of the Sakura have been sleeping in the buds as yet.

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Agency, this year’s Sakura will start to bloom around 21 March, then full-bloomed around 30 March. I'm looking forward to seeing full-bloomed Sakura at Asukayama.

Please visit my another Asukayama posting (2008 August).

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08 March, 2009

Ume and Komagome Ogannon / Kogenji-temple, Bunkyo-ward

Let me introduce some last month’s photos.

There are a lot of old temples around Yanaka-Sendagi-Nezu area (YANESEN area). I found Ume flowers were blooming in the yard of Kogenji-temple in mid-Feburuary.

Kougenji-temple was opened in Kanda area in the end of 16 centuries, then moved to YANESEN area in 1648. This temple has been famous for the big statue of “Ju-ichi men Kan-non (goddess of Kan-non with 11 faces)”, which was made in 1697. This Kan-non statue was called “Komagome Ogannon”, and became one of the sightseeing spot of Tokyo. Below is the picture of the statue appeared in the guidebook “Edo meisho zue” published in Edo-era.

Unfortunately, that statue was burned out in the fire of the Tokyo Air Raids 1945. In 1993, they rebuild the statue.

I heard that the Hozuki festival would be held at the yard in July. I’d like to visit there at that festival and post the photos on this blog.

The closest station is Hon-Komagome of the Nanboku-line (Tokyo Metro). It takes about 5min on foot.

--revised on March 9th.--
Speaking of the Tokyo Air Raids, tomorrow, March 10th is the 64th anniversary of the Great Tokyo Air Raids. The serial bombing burned out not only the historical things like Komagome Ogannon, but also tremendous numbers of Tokyo citizens. Tonight, I would like to pray for the victims of the raids and for all victims of all of the war and the terrorism which occurred /have been occurring all over the world.
Peace for all of the people who live in the earth.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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01 March, 2009

Sakura blooming in February / Kawazu-zakura @Harimazaka park

In early February, Lee and I went to the Harimazaka park. As I posted before, there is well known as a good place for enjoying Sakura (Cherry blossom). But, as you are aware, the best season of Sakura is the end of March to early April. So, we had not expected we could see the Sakura blossom in February…..


Wow! Sakura is blooming!

This is “Kawazu-zakura”, Prunus lannesiana Wils. cv. Kawazu-zakura. A kind of Sakura which was found at Kawazu, Shizuoka pref. in 1955. It starts to bloom in the end of January. Botanists estimate they were produced by natural crossbreeding between Kan-hi-zakura and Oshima-zakura.

As you can see, these petals have deeper pink color than the popular Sakura (Somei-Yoshino).

In Kawazu-cho, the home town of this Sakura, the “Kawazu-zakura Matsuri” festival has been held until March 10th. I found the homepage of this festival.
Unfortunately they don’t seem to have English page, but you can enjoy the Sakura trees via Live camera.

Speaking of Kawazu-cho, that was located in the Izu peninsula and famous for the Onsen (hot spring), wasn't that? Why don't we go there and take a good Onsen, Shige?

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Ume (P.mume) in Nezu shrine

Please forgive my long absence. Zee, I can't believe that we are already in the month of March!
It has been getting warm here in Tokyo, and Ume flowers are in full bloom now.
Two weeks ago, Lee and I went to the Nezu shrine. The main building (Haiden) and the big gate (Roumon) have been under the restoration, so most of the architectures are covered with white vinyl sheet, but the Ume flowers are welcoming the visitors with sweet smell.

Turtles did sunbathing.

According to the official site of the Nezu shrine, the restoration will be finished this September.

Please visit the previouse post of the Nezu shrine:
Mar. 2007 (Azalea)
Dec. 2006 (Fallen leaves)
Sep. 2006 (Maturi) ...you can find a Shige's photo here

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Hi! it's Lee. How've you been?
Shige says he is very sorry he has left this weblog for a long time. Two months long!
He is excusing that he has had hectic days, so he couldn't touch his PC.
But I know he has walked along me as always and taken a lot of pictures for this blog. I think he'll restart soon.