15 March, 2010

Tokyo Sky Tree / Sumida ward

Oops! I haven’t revised this blog for three months long. I’m back. Since the last posting, approximately 600 of visitors kindly have visited here. I am so sorry.

I had been looking for the suitable “object” for the continuous posting, and finally found a good one.
Here it is:

Tokyo Sky Tree, a 634-meter-tall TV tower constructing in Sumida ward (east-side of Tokyo). According to the press release, the construction, which was started in Feb. 2009, will be completed in the end of the next year. I found I can see it from my office. I will post the progress report monthly (as long as I can stay this office).

Now, the tower is around 300 meters high. It will reach the half of the planned height when I report next month.



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