22 November, 2009

Otonashi Shinsui Park (Otonashi water park) / Oji, Kita ward

Zee, two months long absence! I couldn't had updated this blog because my work was really hectic. Now I'm Ok and would like to restart. Let me start with a little bit out-of-season photos.
There is a pleasant park nearby JR Oji station. I took these photos in September and the weather was still muggy, but I could feel cool welcome breeze here. This park is placed along with the stream, and away from the traffic and commercial facilities. So, although it's very close to JR and subway station, you can enjoy the cozy space.

This park is located the west side of Asukayama park. From the west end of Asukayama, you can see the old big Otonashi bridge.
The sign (above pic) said that this was built in Showa five (1930). This was designed to tolerate the weight of combat vehicles, so people called it Tank Bashi(Tank Bridge).
The side of the bridge, you can see the steps to the riverbank. This is the entrance to the park.
This area, Otonashi river / Tokinogawa, was famous for the scenic landscape in Edo era. You can find the scene in some pictures. The guidebook of Edo era, "Edo meisho zue" (I've mentioned about this book on Komagome Ogannon posting) introduce this area. This place has been loved by ancient people.
Unfortunatery, this stream was polluted by the gabage and sewage contamination after the WW2. Then the stream became underground culvert in the line of the community development program, and once the beautiful Otonashi river was disappeared. However, in 1988, the city government built a new water park here in response to the wishes of the residents. The Otonashi river was reborn as a park.
This park was selected as one of the best 100 urban park in Japan in 2000.

You can aproach there from Oji station(JR / Tokyo Metro Namboku-line) and Asukayama station (Tram).
I assure you that you can enjoy autum leaves now.

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