24 March, 2010

Ohanami season is coming soon / Edogawa park, Bunkyo ward

This Monday was the national holiday "Shunbun-no-hi", Spring Equinox day. Astronomically, Shunbun-no-hi is defined as the day when night and day are of equal length, but for the ordinary people who don't care about astronomy, like me, this day is the day they can feel Spring coming.
In the morning of the Shunbun-no-hi, Lee and I went to the Edogawa park and found "Spring".

Somei-Yoshino, the most popular Sakura tree, started to bloom.

I guess we can enjoy Sakura in full bloom this weekend. I'll go there to take Sakura pics again.

Another Edogawa park posting is here.

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Anonymous Cyn said...

I just found your blog on google, and after a few posts, I'm hooked. Beautiful pictures you got there, and Lee is such a cute dog, aww...

I have four dogs myself,but since the place where I live don't have any beautiful, walkable places like those, I can't experience the joy of discovering places with a cute retriever on my feet. But seeing your blog at least can make me imagine :)

I'll be moving to Tokyo this year, so I think I'll be a frequent visitor here. Do update!

27/3/10 03:20  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Hi Cyn,
Thank you for coming! I'm very glad to hear that you liked my blog.

I hope you'll enjoy your new life in Tokyo. I'd be happy if this blog would be some help for you.

28/3/10 20:46  

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