07 May, 2006

Take Lee out to the Ball Game!

~~Take Lee out to the Ball Game. Take Lee out with the crowd! ~~

Korakuen Kyujo the Korakuen Ballpark is located between the Bunkyo city hall and the Koisikawa Korakuen park. You can also see it from Konnyak Enma. You can go there from the Korakuen station of the subway Marunouchi-line or the Suido-bashi station of JR line.

This ballpark is the home ground of the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants.
When Shige and Lee visited there, the time was barely 9am so the ground was closed but there were long lines to get the numbered tickets for buying the night game of “Giants vs. Osaka Hanshin Tigers”. Many Japanese love baseball game! When I was a kid, my hero was Sadaharu Oh, the legend of baseball. He was a clean up batter of the Giants.

There is the baseball hall of fame and museum in the ballpark. If you are a baseball lover, check it out!
Adding to that, there are many place to go like shopping mall, sports bar, many kind of restaurants (I found the Babba-Gump Shrimp. Run Forest, Run!), an amusement park and a spa.

Nope. The Bunkyo city hall. The monument of the bubble economy. You can see the panoramic view of Tokyo from the observation room (the mouth of Mecha-Godzilla). In clear day you can also see the Mt. Fuji clearly. There are many amateur photographers at sundown. Next to the observation room is a good restaurant which is run by the Chinzan-So, the famous garden restaurant.

I don’t mind if I can’t see the ball game. But, buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack!

The Korakuen station. The subway Marunouchi-line is very old line and depth is not so deep.

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Blogger kazu said...

I've got one complaint to Tokyo Dome. From the Korakuen Garden
(valuable historical garden made in Edo Era), the plastic roof of
Tokyo Dome (the Ballpark) is seen
so clearly and kills the joy of the taste of the historical garden.
How about painting the roof in green color so that the roof is too obvious (white!) from the Korakuen Garden.

10/5/06 17:12  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Thank you for the comment, Kazu.
I didn't know about the "Big Dome" view from the Koishikawa Korakuen Garden. I often visit the Koishikawa Korakuen Garden with Lee, but, to tell the truth I haven't entered the inside of the park. I want to walk there someday.

12/5/06 00:09  

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