07 January, 2006

Happy New Year!

The year 2006 is my year. Yes, year of the Dog!

Thank you very much, Kazu! He kindly gave me beautiful Kumade photos. This kumade is being displayed at Sugamo station close to Sugamo Oh-tori shrine. It's about 2m tall with beautiful decoration.

It's decorated with;
  • laughing woman's mask: Okame. Symbol of happiness.
  • oval shape gold: Koban(old currency). Symbol of wealth.
  • red fish: Tai(Proggy). Symbol of auspicious.
  • crane & turtle: Symbol of longevity.

Can you find all of these items?



Blogger kazu said...

You are wecome Shige! You can find
even bigger Kumade throughout a year, near the entrance of Edo-Tkoyo Museum in Ryogoku, in the center of Tokyo. It is so big and beautiful and worth having a look.
(I think I took a photograph before, so I will try to look for the photograph so that you can use it for your blog. I am sure it decorates your blog beatifully!

15/1/06 21:19  
Blogger kazu said...

You mentioned about the "laughing woman's mask: Okame" as the
"symbol of happiness." It is true in today's standard of "beautiful woman," however historically this kind of face is the "beautiful lady" in Japan until around 14th to 15th century!
One of our colleague, whose face is very similar to this mask (try to guess who she is!), is not considered to be a beautiful woman nowadays unfortunately. However if she were born in correct era, she would have been the most beautiful woman in our company! (But our company was not existant in 14th to 15th century!)
"Beauty is but skin deep" and even the standard of "beauty" differs from place to place and time to time. This teaches us that the appearances of man/woman is not that imprtant.

15/1/06 21:39  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Thank you for your comment, Kazu.
There's Ms.OKAME in our company? Who? ....Oh, I think I'd better not hear about it!
Anyway, thank you for your kind offer. Actually, I've never been to the Edo-Tokyo Museum. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos. (Shige)

23/1/06 20:02  

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