28 March, 2006

Shidare-zakura / weeping cherry trees at the Rikugien garden, Komagome, part 1

Hi, it's me, Lee.
Mom, sis & Shige went to see the light up cherry blossoms of the Rikugien garden on Sunday evening(March 26).
Yeah, it was just 3. Shige, sis and mom...they went WITHOUT ME!

It's just like a firework, isn't it?.

Mom and sis are purchasing "ODANGO (rice dumpling)"!
Sis, can I have a bite?

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Blogger kazu said...

In Japan the most popular and dominat variety of cherry is called "Somei-yoshino." This variety is almost everywhere in Japan, but the history of this variety is surprisingly new! It became popular in early Edo era (17-18th century), thus the history is not more than 300 years.
Before this variety became popular,
"Shidare-zakura" was the variety most popular among people in high social status. Thus the cherry which was loved by such famous historical figures as Kampaku Hideyoshi Tokugawa and Nobunaga Oda, were different cherry variety we are watching now.
The life span of "Somei-yoshino" is rather short, and at best the tree can survive only 100 years.
This is because this variety is susceptible to fungi and insects.

12/4/06 12:33  

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