14 May, 2006

The National Museum of Japanese History -- Kokuritu Rekishi Minzoku Hakubutsukan (Rekihaku) / Sakura city Chiba pref.

In this Golden Week, spring consecutive holidays, my daughter (Lee’s “sis”) and I(Shige) went to Chiba prefecture to visit my cousin who belongs to the National Museum of Japanese History as a researcher.
To tell the truth, I had not expected that museum so much until I went in. I had thought of it as a one of a local historical museum.

As soon as we went in, I realized that I was wrong. It was amazing. It was worth seeing. It included plenty of valuable exhibits and that displays were marvelous. I was excited and enjoyed it very much.
While I was glued to the exhibits, my cousin, a reseacher of here, had been kindly guiding my daughter for 3hrs! Thank you very much!

According to the website, the audio explanation equipment for foreigners seems to be borrowed at the information desk.
The National Museum of Japanese History is located close to the Keisei-Sakura station of Keisei line, or the Sakura station of JR Sobu line. You can get the museum by bus from both stations. (English official site)

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Blogger google nut said...

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28/5/06 12:05  
Blogger kazu said...

Do they allow you to take photographs in this museum? If so it is very nice. (Or did you take those photographs inside the museum in secret???)
The National Museum in Ueno, Tokyo, allows to take photographs at limited areas including the corners for Johmon/Yayoi Eras.
What I like the most in these eras are the cray figure of women. I still feel the prayers of the people at that time in them!

3/6/06 10:35  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Thank you for your comment, Kaz. These photos were taken under the rule of the museum. Fortunately, in the most of area, taking photos "without flash lamp" was allowed (except for some displays). Better bring the high-sensitive camera.

5/6/06 09:26  

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