12 May, 2006

The Koishikawa Korakuen garden

Although this garden is located next to the Korakuen ballpark, it’s a very calm and peaceful place.
This garden was established as a part of the Mito-Tokugawa clan’s Edo(Tokyo) residence in 17 century. Mito-Tokugawa clan was a one of the Tokugawa Gosanke, the Shogun-Tokugawa’s three branches.

Of course, Shige and Lee couldn’t enter this garden because Lee is a dog. Please have a look at the great view from the gate and the beautiful outer wall of the Korakuen garden! !(whew)
Actualy, I haven't entered the garden, but I heard that the inside is beautiful.

I found the mark of Tokugawa on the wall roof. The crest of hollyhock. The symbol of the power.

According to the sign board which stood beside the gate, the stone of the wall basement was originally transferred by the local clan for construction of the stonewall of the Tokugawa’s Edo castle. Even now, you can see the carved signs on the stone face. It indicates the origin (the name of the clan).

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Blogger kazu said...

The garden is very beautiful!
But in between the pine trees, the white roof of Tokyo Dome is seen so
clearly. This kills the harmony and beauty of this garden completely! What an insensitive arrangements! Tokyo should learn the examples of Nara/Kyoto for such a historic place as this garden. (The same can be said to Rikugien Garden, too.)

3/6/06 10:39  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Hi, Kazu. Thank you for the comment.
Actually, I haven't got into there, but I can imagine the scene "a white supergiant egg could be seen through the trees". Yeah, you must have been disappointed. But how was the noise of the ball-park? Could the dome shut-off such kind of noises?

I'll post an article regarding the Rikugi-en garden, soon.

24/6/06 20:55  

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