24 July, 2010

Eating around Beijing / May 2010

Let me introduce you some nice restaurant where I visited.

Dong Xing Shun Baodu Zhang.

Baodu is Lao Beijing(Beijing Loco)'s traditional snack. Boiled guts of sheep and cow.

Menu. Please click to enlarge the picture.

Yanjing Beer. I'm loving it!

Ma Doufu and Yan Duren. Yan means sheep. Duran is the first stomach. Eat with sesame sauce. Ma Doufu is,,, Uh,, sorry I cannot explain. Can anyone help me?

Yan Sandan. Sandan is the third stomach.
I heard that most of young Chinese people have not eaten Baodu, and they say "it's a snack for elderly men". But as far as I saw there, a lot of young guys tried them. Actually, they look a little bit terrible but the taste and texture are great.

Amount: 64CNY.

Dong Xing shun Baodu Zhang(东兴顺爆肚张) is located in Qianhai, Xi Cheng ward (前海, 西城区).

Bao Yuan Jiaozi wu. They serve various varieties of dumplings.

I ordered "pork & Chinese cabbage", "lamb & fennel" and "5 kind of ...something". Sorry I forgot it.

Anyway they are so juicy and really tasty!
Amount was 34CNY. Wow!

Althogh there are no English speaking staff, this dumpling restaurant is very popular with foreigners. I think one of the reasons is that all of staff are cute and friendly. They don't speak foreign languages but well know the hospitality.
Garlic... I didn't try it.
I went there again the other night.
At that time, I ordered a pot of tea, and realised that the beer was cheaper than any tea.
Meat ball soup. Taste good!
Bao Yuan Jiaozi wu (宝源饺子屋) is located in Maizidian streat, Chaoyang ward (麦子店街, 朝阳区).
I found these restaurants in a small gourmet book.
The author doesn't introduce any famous or gorgeous restaurant. She shows us common touch restaurants which serve really tasty foods with reasonable price. If you can read Japanese and have a plan to visit Beijing, you should get it before you get the plane.


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I am a contributor at www.mycitycuisine.org, a wiki project. I am currently working on an article about Baodu for the project. I wanted to inquire in regards to your photo of Baodu (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_jsvdqQC2Tzo/TEnoWY2SvzI/AAAAAAAABuM/hbCqPkxmIkY/s1600/2010_0519Beijing0027.JPG) in the article. Would you be willing to give mycitycuisine.org permission to use your photo for the project?

Please get in touch with me if you would. You can reach me at jj8070 @ yahoo.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

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Hi Jim Z,

Thank you for coming.
I send a mail to your address twice today, but they were not delivered.

Can you check your address, please?


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