05 August, 2009

I am back

I am very sorry for my long absence. I’m back.

I want to extend my appreciation and apology to all of you who kindly dropped in this weblog although I haven’t posted for such a long time. Now, I’m OK and I’ll restart this weblog from today.

As the 1st posting of restart, let me introduce what I'm into now.

I have recognized the necessity of the regular exercise for a long time, but I couldn’t start anything. Last weekend my daughter and I went swimming pool. Recently she joined the swimming team in her junior-high, and I would have liked to see how she improved. However this activity reminded me my decreased cardio-respiratory function. I was shocked I could not follow her at all! I often said to her “Don’t say do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is always tomorrow. Say do it today.”,,,, zee, these words were just for me. Then, I decided to commence this Monday. In the way home from my office, I get off at the next to my closest station, wear a T-shirt, short pants and sneakers, then run! It’s about 2.8 km gradual rise. The first goal of this exercise is “running through the full distance without any stop (except for red lights)”.

Today is the day-3 and I have achieved 2.3 km. I would like to take some photos and post it on this blog, after I would manage to run the entire distance.


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