25 October, 2008

Yakuoh-in temple / Shimoochiai, Shinjuku ward

Shinjuku is, as you well know, one of the most chaotic town in Tokyo, but that also includes some lush greenery and peaceful place in the area.

Yakuoh-in temple started that's history in Kamakura-era, around 800 years ago. Most of the buildings are not so old, but some stone monuments dated from Mid-Age are still remaining.

Temple yard was very quiet, calm and well cleaned.

Yellow lotus.
This photo was taken in early October... Wasn't the lotus flower season Summer?

This temple is famous for the Botan (peony) garden (the left side of picture).
I'd like to visit there in the Botan season and introduce the pics on this blog.

I had not known this temple until I found there serendpitously. I love this place.

You can go there from the Shimo-ochiai station (Seibu Shinjuku-line), or Takada-no-Baba station (JR, Yamanote-line / Tokyo Metro, Tozai-line).
It's a bit difficult to describe how to get to there. Instead of that, I drew a rough map. (Please click to enlarge the map)

If you need further information about this map, please ask me via "comment" field.

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