29 November, 2007

Common term: Philadelphia

This poster, put up at a metro station, announces the gig of "Philadelphia Soul", which will be held as the promotion for the exhibition "Masterpieces from the Philadelphia Museum of Art" at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

Yeah, I love both. I love the fine art. And also I love Philly Soul. The Stylistics, Barry White, the Three Degrees... I used to listen to their songs on the radio.


Isn't it a bit far-fetched, huh?


24 November, 2007

Mt. Fuji in the dusk / the view from Nihonbashi

This is the twilight view from our office. There were no clouds between Mt. Fuji and Nihonbashi (around 100km).

It's a typical winter weather of Kanto-area. High atmospheric pressure overlies the Pacific side of Japanese archiperago. We can enjoy crisp air during winter season.

According to the picture of Edo era, Mt. Fuji could be seen clearly from Nihonbashi. (click to the Ukiyoe of Nihonbashi 1, 2) Now a day, it can barely be seen between skyscrapers from the top of tall building.

This is a morning view of Mt. Fuji from the same position.

It's a little bid blurred. Can you see the snow-covered top of Mt. Fuji behind the white building? I think you could see it more clearly if you would click the photo to enlarge it.
(Jump to another Mt. Fuji posting)

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19 November, 2007

Autumn decoration

This is an autumn decoration displayed in our office building featuring Susuki, Japanese silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis).

Whenever I see Susuki even it is fake, I remember my childhood. There were huge vacant lot with bushes of Susuki behind my house (there were lots of vacant places anywhere at that time). That was our favorite play ground. Susuki bushes were taller than children, and we played "exploration force", played tag, hide-and-seek or just walked around alone there. After school, my friends and I ran around there until dusk.

When I told my daughter this my story, her response was "How dangerous!". She said I was very lucky I wasn't involved in any crime. "Didn't you think like some 'strange guy' hid in the bushes, dad?" Yeah, I think I was lucky I spent my childhood four decades ago. Giving you the opportunities that you can play around safely is our priority issue.

Autumn colors @ Kyoikunomori Park / Myogadani, Bunkyo ward

Every morning, I'm walking through the Kyoikunomori park. This is my favorite morning walking course with Lee, and also a part of our (Kana and me) route to school/office. There is the Myogadani station of the Tokyo metro Marunouchi-line behind the park. I feel blessed that I can enjoy walking the park everyday.

One of the reasons why I like this place is because we can feel the turning of the season there.

Let me show you some photos of autumn colors.

This was taken at the end of October. Leaves just began to yellowing/browning. (28th Oct.10:00am)

And now, mid November, trees are turned to crimson. (18th Nov. 6:30am)

Gingko leaves just start turning yellow.

This place once was a college campus. Uh, I wrote this in last year. (click to previous post)

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