24 June, 2006

The Rikugien garden / Komagome Bunkyo-ward

Hi! I'm Shige. I'm sorry I couldn't have reviced for a long time. How've you been?
Do you remember I introduced the night view of cherry blossoms in the Rikugi-en this April?
(Yozakura at Rikugien (1), Yozakura at Rikugien (2) )

My daughter and I went to the Rikugi-en again on Saturday evening in early June, before the rainy season was starting.

Although this garden is located in the center of Tokyo, it was very quiet and peaceful.

There was a cozy "Cha-ya" small tea cottage in the garden. You can enjoy the "Maccha" thick green tea and sweets.

The azalea were full bloomed. It was the end of the azalea seoson. Bees were flying around the flowers.

In the pond, you could find ducks, carps,

and turtles!

It was great place, considering that the garden was located in the central area of Tokyo. Actually some buildings were seen through the trees, but they were ignorable. I could ignor these materials from my view.You might be able to hear the noise of cars near the outer fense, but tortaly this garden was quiet and peaceful as it was in 17C.

The only thing that would disappoint you would be a bunch of people. I recommend you to visit there on weekday. If you visit on weekend, you'd better visit right before closing or right after opening. The opening time is 9:00 to 17:00.

The closest station is "Komagome" of subway Namboku line or JR Yamanote line.

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Blogger kazu said...

Hello Shige!
I remember Rikugi-en when I took my wife when she was new in Japan. The garden is nice but the buildings surrounding it sometimes kill the joy indeed. (Tokyo should have a policy like Kyoto to limit the hight of the buildings surrounding a historical sites.)
Is this the garden designed by one of the Daimyou (local ruler under Shougun)? I would like to konw the history of this beautiful garden!

7/7/06 22:34  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Hi, Kazu! Thank you for dropping in!
This garden was build by Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu, the big name of Tokugawa cabinet in 17 centuries. I heard that he spent 8 years making this garden. He loved Japanese old poems, and chose 88 themes from poems when he was drafting a design. You could find lots of scenes regarding Japanese old poems in this garden.

9/7/06 13:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Shigeharu! This is Jason. I like the pictures you took of the garden. It looks like a beautiful place. I haven't been to many gardens in Tokyo so it's nice to see one from your perspective!

11/9/06 00:00  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Jason! Thank you for coming!
I'm glad you liked my blog.
I'd like to keep introducing various places of Tokyo.

12/9/06 13:09  

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