29 March, 2010

Sakura: not in full bloom yet / Edogawa park, Bunkyo ward (part 2)

Since theSakura in Tokyo started to bloom on last Monday, the temperature here has been getting colder again. Thanks to the lower temperature, they say the Sakura will be still bloomed till next weekend.

Here is the Sakura of Edogawa park on last Sunday morning.

About 50-70% of Sakura was in bloom.
The weather was cloudy. It was just a little bit cold for Ohanami.

The entrance of Edogawa park is the side of the Edogawabashi crossing. You can see the Sakura trees from the "1A" exit of the Edogawabashi subway station (Yurakucho-line, Tokyo Metro).
I hope the weather will be good on next weekend.

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24 March, 2010

Ohanami season is coming soon / Edogawa park, Bunkyo ward

This Monday was the national holiday "Shunbun-no-hi", Spring Equinox day. Astronomically, Shunbun-no-hi is defined as the day when night and day are of equal length, but for the ordinary people who don't care about astronomy, like me, this day is the day they can feel Spring coming.
In the morning of the Shunbun-no-hi, Lee and I went to the Edogawa park and found "Spring".

Somei-Yoshino, the most popular Sakura tree, started to bloom.

I guess we can enjoy Sakura in full bloom this weekend. I'll go there to take Sakura pics again.

Another Edogawa park posting is here.

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15 March, 2010

Tokyo Sky Tree / Sumida ward

Oops! I haven’t revised this blog for three months long. I’m back. Since the last posting, approximately 600 of visitors kindly have visited here. I am so sorry.

I had been looking for the suitable “object” for the continuous posting, and finally found a good one.
Here it is:

Tokyo Sky Tree, a 634-meter-tall TV tower constructing in Sumida ward (east-side of Tokyo). According to the press release, the construction, which was started in Feb. 2009, will be completed in the end of the next year. I found I can see it from my office. I will post the progress report monthly (as long as I can stay this office).

Now, the tower is around 300 meters high. It will reach the half of the planned height when I report next month.