20 September, 2006

Nihon Ginko (The Bank of Japan) / Nihonbashi area (2)

Lee(L): What is this scary building? The haunted house?
Shige(S): It's not scary at all. This is a main building of the bank of Japan. They issue Japanese currency. This building was built in Meiji-era. This has been designated as an important national cultural asset. By the way, do you know the origin of Ginza?
L: Ginza the shopping area? Uh, I heard that the coin manufacturer was there in Edo era.
S: Exactly. Gin means silver. Silver coins were made there. Actually, in Edo era, there was Kinza, too. The place where gold (Kin) currency was manufactured. Can you imagine where the Kinza was?
L: Could it be that,,,,, here?
S: Bingo! So, Japanese currency has been issuing here over a few centuries.
L: Ah! Now I know why this place made me feel so scary. There must be a lot of ghost who ruined their life because of MONEY!
S: ...Don't scare me.

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