30 September, 2006

Kishibojin / Zoshigaya area (2)

Several years ago, before Lee was born, we lived in east side of Mejiro, Toshima-ward. There was a calm and tiny temple near our apartment and we loved the place. My daughter and I often visited this temple yard. Even now, I sometime drop in there during the weekend walking with Lee. The name of the temple is "Kishibojin". I heard that Kishimojin was the correct pronunciation but I think many people (including me) call there Kishibojin and the name of the closest tram station is Kishibojin, too. Maybe both would be OK.

Let me introduce the story of Kishibojin.
Kishibojin is the name of a goddess of children. The guardian deity of kids.
She was originally a female demon of India. She had many children and doted on them. But she had a bad habit. Drugs? Hmm, I'm not sure if she was addicted to that kind of stuff, but that was worse than drugs. Kidnapping kids from neighbor villages and eating them up. Gee.
One day Buddha thought to warn her against the bad habit. He hid the youngest son of her who she loved the most. As she recognized her son's disappearance, she was getting mad and looking for him around in a frenzy. Then, Buddha bring the son and talked to her about the anguish of the parents who lost their children. She realized for the first time what she had been doing and shed a tear with profound penitence. Finally she became a goddes of children, Kishibojin, with the guidance of Buddha.

Please save sis,,,don't eat her up! (Lee) 

There are lots of ginkgo trees. The biggest one is about a 6oo years old tree. In late autumn, the temple yard will colored yellow with these ginkgo's leaves. 

The big festival, Oeshiki, will be held at Kishibojin from 16th to 18th Octorber. Local people will make many groups and be parading through Ikebukuro - Zoshigaya area. The last day's parade will be done until 9-10 PM or so. It's worth seeing. I recommend you to come if you can. I'll be there in the evening of the last day with my camera.(More infornation regards to Oeshiki)

The closest station is "Kishibojin-mae" of the tram Arakawa line, the next station of the "Zoshigaya" where I posted last month. You can get there from Mejiro station of Yamanote-line JR, too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kishibojin is my favorite part of Tokyo, thank you for writing this.

1/3/08 01:20  
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