04 September, 2006

The international Library of Children's Literature --Kokusai Kodomo Toshokan / the Ueno park

Yesterday, September 3rd was the last Sunday of summer vacation, so Sis and Shige had wanted to go to the sea or somewhere fun place to do outdoor activity. But Sis had been knocked down by the flu till last Tuesday, so Shige decided to do a "quiet", "indoor" and "intelligent" activity for the last day of Summer.

The Internatinal Library of Children's Literature (ILCL) is a branch of the National Diet Library. There are bunch of books and audio visuals for Kid's. The audio visuals include the DVDs of the Nationak Geographic, CD-ROMs of old-time picture books, etc. Sis and Shige spent most of the afternoon of the day in there. It was a great time.

Interesting thing is the origin of the building of ILCL. It was founded as the Imperial Library in Meiji-era (1906). This building was modeled after the Newberry Library of Chicago (but finally 3/4 of building couldn't be built because of budgetary reasons. Meiji government had spent a lot of money for the war with Russia).
It has been designated as an important historical architecture by the Tokyo metropolitan government. In the year 2000, this library was reformed and reopened as a children's library.

Old style interiors are remaining.

The sign of door says "push then open".

According to the original plan, this building was the one side of the qudrate.

ILCL is located in the north end of the Ueno Park. In this park, There are many famous museum or art gallery like the National Science Museum, the Natinal Museum of Western Art, the Tokyo Natinal Museum.... but ILCL is not so popular. No crowd, clean, and calm. If you feel tired the crowd of the Ueno park, you'd better visit there.

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Blogger kazu said...

Gee! It seem to be a good place. The style of the building is also very nice. We hope to go there, too,someday! How is the flu of Kana-chan? Hope she is well by now.
Very few news in Japanese media, but Japan Times is full of reports about bird flu infecting humans here and there in Asia. Japan is NO SAFE! We should at least defend ourselves with good diet, appropriate sports activities to keep our immune system stronger.

6/9/06 09:16  
Blogger kazu said...

Very nice building! I suppose the Former Iwasaki Residence is not far away from this library and both buildings were built more or less in the same era. Have you been there? The Iwasaki is the family who established Mitsubishi! What interested me there was that there was a separate building exclusively for playing billiards! Like the digniatry of today talk about business/politics in the golf course, they did the same in the billiard house!
I suppose Lee was not allowed to enter the library and had to wait outside or at home, but it might be possible to go to Iwasaki Residence with Lee. It is worth trying! Please give it a try for Lee!

6/9/06 13:07  
Blogger kazu said...

The building of the library remindes me two other ones in Tokyo. One is Tokyo Station which is build by bricks but the structural design is somewhat similar. Other one is in Meguro, now used as the Garden Museum but was originally the residence of one of the royal family member. The latter is beautiful with "Art Deco" style glass arts. Do you think this library building can be classified as "Art Deco" structure or a different style with the combination of orient/western archtecture?

6/9/06 16:11  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Thank you, Kazu! Kana recovered flu completely. She had mumps (Otafuku-kaze) although she had got a mumps vaccination!
I've never been to Iwasaki residence, and I wanted to be there someday. Is Lee okey there? Really? OK! We'll try!
Regarding the Garden museum, that was the residence of Prince Asakanomiya, a great Art-Deco architecture.I love it.
The pamphlet says ILCL was the renaissance architecture, a little bit classical style. I like both!

12/9/06 15:43  

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