05 May, 2011

La maison du chat noir / Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ward

To tell the truth, I hadn't known the presence of this unique building until my friend ブライアン(Bryan) who lives in the US told me. He said he run across this cat accidentally during his Sanpo when he lived in Tokyo.

This building is located in near the Konnyaku-Enma. It's a neat and quiet residential area. (Regarding the Konnyak-Enma, please visit my previous posting)

Recently I found that the owner of this building is a famous journalist, nonfiction writer, Takashi Tachibana. I like his article because he is very good at introducing a cutting-edge of science or political things with his plain wording.
I heard that he used this building as a library. As I learned this information, I feel the face of this cat seems to look intelligent, , , don't you think so?

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Anonymous Bryan said...

Shige: It's great to see this building again!
I applaud the people of Tokyo for allowing this painting on the side of a building; so many places would forbid it because they want the appearances to be uniform throughout the city.

This is just one of the many places I loved in Tokyo; one thing I love about the city is that there is so much character (without being tacky).

--Bryan in the US.

9/5/11 05:43  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Thank you for coming. Nice to see you again here.

Your comment always encourages me to continue the blog. Thank you.


15/5/11 21:32  
Anonymous C. said...

Hi Shige,
I have been reading your blog, and you seem to be walking your dog all over Tokyo.
I'm a dog owner from Holland, and we are very likely to move to Tokyo in the fall. We have a big dog, a Weimaraner, and I was wondering if I can ask you some questions on how it is to live in Tokyo with a big dog, who needs a lot of exercise. Perhaps you have an email where I can reach you?
Thanks for your time!

16/6/11 20:43  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Hi C.
Thank you for coming and Sorry for my slow response, I just found your commeent.
My mail address is:

I've never had a big dog, but, maybe I can tell you something from a perspective of a Tokyo resident. Please feel free to mail me.


18/6/11 23:27  

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