30 December, 2008

Kappa-bashi kitchen town / Taito ward

Between the famous sight seeing places, Ueno and Asakusa, there is a unique town which has been attracting people who are interested in cooking. Kappa-bashi; the mecca of cooks and owners of all kind of restaurant.
If you want to open your own restaurant, I recommend you to visit this town. And also you can enjoy your shopping there as a non-professional visitor.

There are many cutlery shops, utensil shops….

Interior and Exterior shops…

Here is a food sample shop. These samples are made by wax and plastic. These were very exquisite and,,, looked yummy!

Don’t forget stools, chairs and tables for opening your restaurant.

What kind of uniform do you need?

You can buy a cash register here.

This shop attracted me very much.

Look! You can roast coffee beans by yourself on a gas range.

You want to open a chinese restaurant?

And otherwise, there are many shops for soba restaurant, confectioners, etc, etc...

The closest station of Kappa-bashi is Inaricho or Tawaramachi of Tokyo metro Ginza line.
You can find the landmark buildings, the first photo of this posting and the photo below, from Asakusa-dori street. This is a gate for Kappa-bashi area.

You'd better visit on weekdays or Saturday. On Sunday, most of shops are closed.

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Blogger Robin CHAN said...

The year 2008 is gone but it makes us strong.
The path was long, but we walked with a song.
There were fears and tears but we had reasons for cheers.
Wishing u happy memories of 2008and a healthy and blissful new year.

With Gratitude and Loving Kindness,

2/1/09 11:17  
Blogger Shige_d said...

A Happy New Year, Robin! Thank you for coming.
I wish 2009 will be great for you.

Shige and Lee

3/1/09 22:08  
Blogger Robin CHAN said...

Hi Lee,

Yes, I was in Taito recntly too and took a trip to Kamakura.

The pics in my blog was taken in Kamakura.

5/1/09 12:54  
Blogger Megan said...

Hello. I wanted to tell you that I love your blog! You have so many great ideas of places to visit in Tokyo, with very clear, interesting explanations.
Thanks for walking with Lee and sharing with everyone else!

p.s. Lee is adorable.

15/1/09 20:55  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Thank you for coming, Megan!
I am glad to hear that you like my weblog.
"Clear and interesing explanation"? really? wow! What a kind and encouraging comment!
I'll keep on blogging and introducing new sites.

18/1/09 20:45  

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