15 October, 2006

Oeshiki is coming soon!

Lee and Shige visited Kishibojin again to see the preparation of Oeshiki this morning.

In the street, there were many decorated floats, Mantou, standing by for the parade.

According to the tradition, when the buddihst dignitary Nichiren died, cherry blossoms were bloomed, although it was autumn. They say these decorations express that cherry blossoms.

It was early morning, so few people there. But in the evening, you'll hear the practice of hand-drums.
This is the goal of the parade, Houmeiji temple.

On the side path of Houmeiji temple...What are you looking for, Lee?

Look! Ikebukuro's landmark, Sunshine 60 and autumn sky.

Cool, clear and crisp. I love morning walking!

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