13 October, 2006

The festival is coming! / the Oeshiki information

As I(Shige) wrote on previous posting, the festival "Oeshiki" of Kishibojin will be held next week (16th-18th Oct).
According to the web information, the Oeshiki is the buddist sermon to comemorate the buddhist dignitary Nichiren. People make the group(Kou) and marching the street with the decorated float "Mantou", drumming a hand drum for the commemoration of him.

Rough schedule of parade and rough map are as follows.

1st day:
Each groups(Kou) will be parading individually within the area where the Kou belongs.

2nd day:
Starting from a small shrine "Oana-no-Kishibojin"(start of the 1st Kou:19:30)
Shinobazu st.
Mejiro st.
the aproach of Kishibojin
Houmeiji temple

3rd day:
Starting from the front of the Ikebukuro terminal (start of the 1st Kou:19:00)

the Meiji st.
the Mejiro st.

the aproach of the Kishibojin


Houmeiji temple

The scene of Kou roll into the Kishibojin is called "Miya-iri", the climax of the festival. I'll be there to take a good shot of the Miya-iri on the 3rd day, around 10PM.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your detailed posts and beautiful pictures! We just used your blog to find our way to the matsuri the past two nights. It was fantastic!

19/10/09 09:46  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Thank you for coming! I'm very glad to hear that you liked my blog. Thank you!


24/10/09 22:04  

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