19 October, 2006

Fervor, excitement and euphoria. / Oeshiki report, 18th Oct.

I got off the Yamanote-line at Mejiro station and walked along the Mejiro-St. toward Chitosebashi. The time was around 21:30. Until I walked by the front of Gakushuin Kindergarten, it had been quiet and calm Mejiro as usual. As I passed by the front of the Mejiro police station, I could hear the heavy and deep beat of drums. It was like rumbling of the earth.

There are various type of illuminated Mantou... I heard that the number of Mantou reached around 50 in the parade.

Young guys are playing Matoi. They compete their Matoi performance.

A little kid(white costume) is playing Matoi with his mother(blue).

Beating drums, swaying to the rhythm and stomping their feet.

I really regret I couldn't report this atmosphere to you with the sound and the movie.

I heard that around 20 groups(Kou) participate this parade every year. They are gathering from not only Zoshigaya/Kishibojin area but also the area throughout Tokyo.

Kishibojin was filled with Kous and the spectators.
Was anyone there?

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