28 March, 2006

Shidare-zakura / weeping cherry trees at the Rikugien garden, Komagome, part 1

Hi, it's me, Lee.
Mom, sis & Shige went to see the light up cherry blossoms of the Rikugien garden on Sunday evening(March 26).
Yeah, it was just 3. Shige, sis and mom...they went WITHOUT ME!

It's just like a firework, isn't it?.

Mom and sis are purchasing "ODANGO (rice dumpling)"!
Sis, can I have a bite?

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Sakura / cherry blossoms at the Harima-zaka park, Koishikawa

Hi, it's Lee.
Can you hear that? In these days, Shige has been sneezing all day long.
Bless you.
Did you catch a cold, Shige?
"No. I have Hay fever."
Hey! Fever! ...but you don't seem to be having fun.

Shige, sis and I went to the Harima-zaka park on Saturday morning(March 25th).
Look! Sakura trees(cherry blossoms) has began blooming! I love spring time!

...Bless you
I love walking with sis!
Around 30% bloomed.

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