31 March, 2014

Long time no see!

Dear Friends,

Hi, how’ve you been? Long time no see.

I haven’t touch this page for a long time(1.5ys!), so some friends kindly mailed me if we are OK. Thank you very much and I am sorry for having caused you so much worry. We, my wife, daughter K, Lee and me, are all fine. Lee has become 11 and a half years old, over 60 in human age. Several years ago, we often enjoyed a long distance walk for weekend, but with considering an excessive burden for his joints of feet, currently we are limiting the walking time within 60 min and walking slowly. He’s already in retirement age,,, but even now, he is still cutie boy who loves meal time, morning walking and acting cozy with us.

Let me show you the current Lee’s photos, taken in the morning after the last heavy snow (Feb. 2014).


朋友们你好,好久不见了。我最近工作很忙所以不能重新这个博客,哎哟,一年半左右我放手不管了。 有个网友热情地担心我们好不好,给我发电子邮件问问。谢谢 & 让你们担心不好意思啊。我们(我妻子、我女儿、小李、和我)都很好。小李已经11.5岁,那相当人的60多岁了。几年前,我们每周末散步的时候,常常走得太远,不过为了它的骨关节保重,我最近不让它走60分钟以上。他已经成了大爷了。。。可是,他还是喜欢散步、爱吃饭、特别喜欢缠绕我们的可爱小李。


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