11 September, 2012

Kayaking on the Chuzenji-ko lake, Nikko, Tochigi prefecture

Hi! Long time no see. How have you been? All of my family, including Lee, are all OK.
It's already been mid September, but even now the highest temperature are over 30 degree Celsius here in Tokyo. Zee. Where is autumn?
已经九月中旬了,可是天气还闷热,在这儿东京最高温度还是30度以上啊。嘿, 秋天在哪里呀?

To escape from such hot weather, I went to Nikko Chuzenji-ko lake with my daughter and her friends on September 2nd, yeah, just like a teacher of a summer school. We joined a Kayaking school there.
为了逃避这些闷热的天气,9月2号我带我女儿和她朋友去日光中禅寺湖玩玩儿, 对了,好像暑期学校的领导老师。在那里我们参加了皮艇班。

We joined a beginner class. At first, we learned how to use a paddle.
The weather of Chuzenji-ko area was cool,but unfortunately, heavy rain, but it was no problem, we were going to get drenched to the skin on the lake anyway.


The beginner's kayak is very stable and easy to control. You can enjoy it from the beginning.

It was calm and beautiful on the water, I was satisfied wonderful nature, felt relaxed,,,,

,, then, suddenly, girls and kayaking staff started a water battle!

You can join this kayaking course from the website below.

Tochigi Kayak Center  (Sorry! Japanese only)

They provide a half day course for beginners, and a full day touring for experiencer. If you have any experience of riding kayak, you can join a full day touring.

Well experienced and trained staffs support our activity safely. Oh, I almost forgot to add very important thing. They kindly take photos during the kayaking. All of the photos placed here are provided by them. Many thanks for all of your support, Tencho and Yukarin!
有多经验的、培训的导游安全地陪我们去到湖上玩儿。对了,我差一点忘记了很重要的事情。划艇之中他们给我们拍照。这儿的照片都是他们拍的。Tencho, Yukarin, 谢谢你们的帮助!

You can enjoy kayaking from the end of April to early November. Chuzenji-ko area is very famous for that beautiful autumn leaves. Enjoying the red and crimson colored mountains from the center of the calm lake, that must be gorgeous!

(Today, I tried to write this blog in English and Mandarin. I’d very appreciate it if you would point out my grammatical error or inappropriate word usage for both descriptions (English/Mandarin). Xiexie!)

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