12 April, 2012

Sakura trees were full-bloomed / Edogawa park, Bunkyo ward

I have abandoned posting for a long time, and received some concerning message. Many thanks for your concern. I am OK. I’d been just,,,,, loafing, sorry!

Usually, here in Tokyo, Sakura (cherry blossom) season would be the end of March, however this year the cold weather remained even in the beginning of April. Last weekend, at last, Sakura trees were full-bloomed.

Lee and I visited Edogawa park for O-Hanami.

It was around 9 am, but a lot of people already came to enjoy Sakura.

I heard that a lot of people gathere here and have a O-hanami party here in the evening.

Last Octorber, Lee became 9 years old. Getting older a little bit, but he is still Genki. Even now, he likes walking.

The closest station: Edogawabashi (Tokyo Metro, Yurakucho-line)Other Edogawa Park postings: 2008/05/03, 2010/03/24 , 03/29

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