05 May, 2011

La maison du chat noir / Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ward

To tell the truth, I hadn't known the presence of this unique building until my friend ブライアン(Bryan) who lives in the US told me. He said he run across this cat accidentally during his Sanpo when he lived in Tokyo.

This building is located in near the Konnyaku-Enma. It's a neat and quiet residential area. (Regarding the Konnyak-Enma, please visit my previous posting)

Recently I found that the owner of this building is a famous journalist, nonfiction writer, Takashi Tachibana. I like his article because he is very good at introducing a cutting-edge of science or political things with his plain wording.
I heard that he used this building as a library. As I learned this information, I feel the face of this cat seems to look intelligent, , , don't you think so?

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03 May, 2011

Azalea / Nezu shrine

Azalea festival is held at Nezu shrine.

These photos were taken on 24th April. I guess they are full bloomed now.

This shrine has 3000 trees of Azelea. So gorgeous! Don't miss them.

The azalea festival will be held until the last day of the Golden week.

Regading the history of this shrine, please refer to the previous posting (click!).

For a long while, we hadn't walk such a long distanse. It became two and a half hours walking. Lee looked tired a bit... Me, too.

The closest station of this shrine is Nezu or Sendagi of Tokyo Metro Chiyoda-line. It takes about 5 minutes from these Metro stations on foot.

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Tokyo Skytree reached 634 meters high

Tokyo Skytree reached the highest altitude, 634 meters high, on March 18th
,,, just a week after the earthquake.

It should have been a big news if that didn't come.

The construction will be finished in the end of this year, and they will open in the spring of next year.
I hope that the news of the opening will be featured in a front-page next spring.