22 March, 2011


March 22nd. Eleven days have passed since a big earthquake, but even now, aftermaths often have been hitting North East Japan. The actual picture of estimate of damage has not been revealed yet. The total count of deaths and reported missing persons hit 21,911 people yesterday noon, and it has been increasing day by day. Around 350,000 people evacuated into the shelter, and they are confronted with the lack of foods and fuels. Yes, I know, you might have seen and known these information already via News or web, but, sorry, I cannot stop writing and doing something. Please pray for them to get over the difficulty, and look for something you can do for them. Thank you for your kind attention. Babies and their moms are experiencing tough days in the shelter. I found this site that solicit for entries of accepting home-stay of babies, kids and their families. http://www.mamatomama.info/ (Japanese site)