27 February, 2011

Art event / Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower

A strange object appeared suddenly on the 2nd floor in Mitsui Tower Building.

What's this? Sea shells? Cokkies? Macaroons?

From Feb.15th, An art event has been held in Nihonbashi area. On the public floors of "Coredo Nihonbashi", "Koredo Muromachi" and "Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower Building", a lot of art works created by young artists are being displayed.
... I didn't know that the 1st and 2nd had been held here.

Melted chocolate ice popsicle? (1st floor / Mitsui Tower Bldg.)
??????????? (1st basement / Mitsui Tower Bldg.)

The sign board says "please sit down and feel this art" and I felt my butt hurts.... oops, sorry.
I'd like to check the other works displayed in the other buildings before the installation ends on March 14th.
The closest station is "Mitsukosi-mae" of Tokyo Metro Ginza line.

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