30 April, 2010

Today's Tokyo Sky Tree (30th April 2010)

According to the Tokyo Sky Tree homepage, the tower has reached 358 meters high. Until the end of the March, Tokyo Tower (333m high) had been the tallest tower in Japan for 50 years, but now, the Tokyo Sky Tree is on the top. When it's completed it'll stand at almost double its height, 634 meters.

Sorry, it's inclined a bit.

The Sky Tree photo taken in March is here.


13 April, 2010

Sakura at Harimazaka park / Bunkyo ward

Last weekend was the last chance for ohanami party. Now, most of Sakura petals already scattered down, and instead of that, fresh light-green leaves have appeared.

These photos I posted today were taken at Harimazaka park 10 days ago.
It was a little bit cold but Sakura were in full bloom.It was before 9 AM, but many ohanami fans had come to the park to enjoy Sakura.

Below is the Sakura of Yushima Seido at Ochanomizu. I'd like to introduce the Yushima Seido on the next posting.

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