22 December, 2009

Walking around Beijing

Last week I went to Beijing on the business trip. That was very short stay, just three days, but very impressive trip.

Beihai Park

The temperature was sub-zero. The lake of Beihai was covered with thick ice.

China was the country where I dearly wanted to go. Around 30 years ago, I lived in a dormitory of high school. One of the teacher who lived with us was very good at speaking Chinese (Mandarin) and taught me Mandarin and Chinese literature. Since then, I have been thinking how wonderful if I could get the opportunity of business in China. Now, my dream is about becoming true.

Tienanmen Square

My free time was very limited, just only the 1st day’s night and the last day’s morning. In addition to that, my camera's battery went dead. So I cannot introduce you so many photos. Sorry.

Tzuchingch`eng Palace

In the most of places, I had to communicate with people in Mandarin because they didn't understand English or Japanese. I realized that my Mandarin worked. (^^)

Subway cars and stations were very clean.

Don't jump in!!!

Wangfujing shaochijie (Wangfujing snack town)

Goubuli restaurant.
I had heard that "bao-zi" of Goubuli wass very good, but I didn't know that there are two types of Goubuli. One of them is decent restaurant and another one is fast food shop. I took my colleague to the latter, the fast food Goubuli. Actually, the price was very reasonable, but taste was mmmm.... if you want to have a good food, I recommend you to go to the another Goubuli. Anyway we enjoyed Beijing fast food.

I ordered three glasses of beer (Pi-jiu san bei), but I got three bottles of beer(Pi-jiu san ping). I need to improve my Mandarin.

Zaijian, Beijing. I will be back.