27 September, 2009

Goblins at work / Kishibojin @Zoshigaya, Toshima ward

Kishibojin. My favorite place.
I love this cozy temple and have often visited here with Lee, but I realized that I had overlooked an interesiting creature in this temple until today.
Can you see that?
Here it is!

Goblin has received the weight of the roof.
Other goblins are on the both side and also have held up the roof.
Right side,

... and left side.

The name of these goblins is Amanojaku. They are not so outrageous bad creature, but they try to do anything that is against the rule intentionally anytime. So, Buddha commanded them to hold the temple roof as punishment.
There are many goblins in the Buddhism art work. You can see them holding up big heavy incense burner, trampled dowm by the guardian statues.... poor Amanojaku!

The antique market is opened here on the 4th Sunday of each month.

Owners were preparing for open stalls.

Wow, Otis Redding's "(Sittin' on) the dock of the bay"!
Assumedly, this might be the first press in Japan. I forgot to ask the price of the disc. Interestingly, the title was written on the cover as "Dock ov bay" in Japanese characters. The disc on the right is Mary Hopkin's "Those were the days". You can see the Apple record's logo in the cover. Please click on the picture to enlarge.

"No dog toys?"

The biggest event of this temple "Oeshiki" is coming soon (16-18th Oct.).
Regarding the Oeshiki, please visit my previous posting(1, 2).
Other Kishibojin postings are here(1, 2).

"Let's get back home through the Homeiji temple yard."

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13 September, 2009

Meaka Fudo, Nankoku-ji temple / Hon-Komagome, Bunkyo ward

Perhaps, the place names "Meguro" and "Mejiro" are well known to the people who live or had lived in Tokyo area. And if you have some knowledge of Japanese, you would know that the terms "Meguro" and "Mejiro" are consisted of "Me(eye) + kuro(black)" and "Me(eye) + siro(white)" respectively. And you might know there is Meguro(black-eyed) Fudo Buddha statue in Meguro and also Mejiro(white-eyed) Fudo Buddha statue is in Mejiro.

Interestingly, there are three other colors (red, yellow and blue) eyed Fudo statue in Tokyo. Lee and I visited "red" one today.

Meaka (red-eyed) Fudo.

Fudo (Fudo-myo-oh) is one of Buddha. It is recognized as "immovable guardian". They say his angry face means his posture to the sin in the world.

There was the Meaka Fudo statue in this small temple. Inside the temple was dark and I couldn't confirm the color of eyes of the statue.
Other color eyed Fudo are Megi(yellow-eyed) and Meao(blue-eyed). They are located in Taito ward and Stagaya ward respectively. Someday, I would like to visit them.
Meaka Fudo is enshrined in the Nankoku-ji temple.
The closest station of the temple is Hon-Komagome (Tokyo metro, Nmboku-line).

Have a short break at Mac after walking!

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