05 April, 2009

Asukayama's Sakura was in full bloom / Asukayama Park, Oji, Kita ward

At last, Lee and Shige got to Asukayama park and enjoy the full blown Sakura on Saturday.

So many people came to enjoy Sakura.

Some of them were spreading sheets and sitting there, eating lunch or preparing a OHANAMI party. Maybe this scene has been seen there every spring for 270 years long.
This park was build by Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune(1684-1751). He thought the leisure facilities where anyone could enjoy safely was needed. Then he commanded to make a hill and plant Sakura trees. When the opening of Asukayama, Shogun Yoshimune himself came here and had a party for appealing this park to the public. Thank you Shogun! We can enjoy Sakura even now thanks to you.

I found some Ukiyoe pictures, which was drawn in Edo era, featuring Asukayama's Sakura. I'd like to introduce them on next posting.

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