01 March, 2009


Hi! it's Lee. How've you been?
Shige says he is very sorry he has left this weblog for a long time. Two months long!
He is excusing that he has had hectic days, so he couldn't touch his PC.
But I know he has walked along me as always and taken a lot of pictures for this blog. I think he'll restart soon.



Blogger ローラ said...



I enjoy your blog very much, and I love taking photos of Japan. I live in the Mie prefecture.

24/3/09 13:06  
Blogger Shige_d said...

Thank you for coming, ローラさん! I'm very glad to hear that you liked my blog. You are living in Mie? Oh, I lived in Yokkaichi when I was a elementary school kid. Suzuka Circuit was my favrite place.

25/3/09 21:58  

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